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How can you operate your business in a successful way?

As a business owner, what is your challenge? You have invested your time, energy, resources and money to increase the same in-order to keep show go on.

Every leader have a wish list of what he or she wants. Vision of where he wants to take the business to and a purpose (mission) of why the business exist. There is a plan of execution (also called as Strategy).

But are these the only things which can make it happen the way he or she want it to happen. Like most of the businesses operate with all these things but they simply exist and keep on waiting for some miracle to happen and make the entrepreneur’s dream become a reality. Yes, you heard it right “A dream”. A dream is very important. A dream of how you as an entrepreneur want your business to operate to yield more time, energy, resources and money. So when you start putting that dream on the paper it is called a “Management System”. How do you want to see your business operations should be conducted? Unless you keep constant focus on your picture of how you want to run your business and believing strongly that your imagination will simply manifest.

Having a wish list of things and will power to make it happen alone is not going to help. What is needed is do you have a clear picture of what you want. Creating that movie in your mind first and then it will become a reality. A management system is nothing but creating it on paper how you want to run your business. When you are clear with what and how you want, it will manifest if and only if your faith is strong. Means, creating a management system and having strong faith that it will be a reality are the two important factors for making your dream project work.

Now, very important thing. To create a clear picture of how you want your business to be run, what do you need? You need to be highly creative in picturizing the “what and how”. We all know to be creative is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Fortunately, today there a readily available answer to this “What and how”.

“CMMI !!!” - Capability Maturity Model Integration

This is a proven framework developed as a result of best practices followed by successful industries and widely accepted across the globe. Why cannot we make use of it and turn our dream into a reality?