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Avanté 1 August 2019 Marketing Policy
About ISO 9001:2015

What are the 7 QM principles?

1. Customer focus:To remain in the business, customer is the important driving factor of the business. It is necessary to focus on the meeting or exceeding the customer needs to ensure long term sustainability of the business.

2. Leadership:It is important to decide if the right things are being done to achieve business goals in-line with vision or mission of the organisation.

3. Engagement of people:To deliver value, it is necessary to stay focused on building competence and engaging people.

4. Process approach:It is required to understand how the processes work together as a business function so that prediction and consistency of achieving business results can be ensured.

5. Improvement:It is important to understand how the changes in internal and external business environment. The management system should be able to adapt to changes happening in order to continue to deliver value in the changed environment.

6. Evidence-based decision making:It is important to understand and analyse decisions based on the facts than gut feeling to produce desired business results.

7. Relationship management:It is important that how the business establishes plans to manage effective relations with other stakeholders such as suppliers