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Avanté 1 August 2019 Marketing Policy
Regulatory compliance needs around data privacy and security

Businesses today have to address a vast of regulatory compliance needs around data privacy & security,with high cost of non –compliance (penalties, license cancellations, downtime, etc.), enterprises are under pressure to ensure timely and robust third-party audits.

Looking beyond regulatory compliances, enterprises in any case need to address the increasing possibility of vulnerabilities within mission critical applications and data, due to a constantly changing IT environment.

It is where Avante’s Security Audit & Testing services make a big difference. Avante brings to you a world-class service quality team dedicated to security, best-of-breed technology skills and leading partner tie-ups.

What makes us stand out among normal Security Audit & Testing companies is our ability to not just recommend, but also execute the recommended changes to our customer’s IT environment.